also a little side note…

please please dont attack anyone whos nudes get leaked. they already realize how much of a mistake it was and already feel god awful about it but please please i dont care who they are but just dont be that person to send hate and judge.


I’m in this weird stage where I don’t really like myself, but I don’t really care anymore

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I just wanna make a quick comment on the whole leaking nudes pic and what not. A lot of people can say that they have done sexting and sending pics and i know it’s a heat of the moment thing and you’re both kinda getting …idk sexually frustrated and whatnot but pictures especially….it’s a betrayal of trust when pictures are leaked on to social media and where others can see it and it’s an awful feeling knowing that someone did that to you. I just want you all to remember that no matter how funny you think the situation is w Calum and what not, that you remember how dangerous this stuff can be and how it will effect you later on in the future.

It sucks when a guy thinks it’s funny to share your pics to his friends and then it just gets sent around to a whole bunch of other kids you don’t even know. And it’s disgusting to think of how in that moment they decided to take the action of sharing something that was meant just for the two of you.

So please be careful and know that the person who betrayed your trust, if it ever happens to you, is a major douche and should know that said person could face consequences as well.


*when a girl takes a nude and it gets leaked*

everyone: omg she’s such a whore she shouldn’t be sending inappropriate pictures to random guys wow

*when a guy takes a nude and it gets leaked*

everyone: wow the girl who leaked it is unbelievable like he trusted her and she did that to him wow……….

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"you all beg for nudes then try to act like this is wrong" ??? because this was nonconsensual you piece of soggy cardboard 

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how did it even leak? ….

it feels like my throat is bleeding from the inside…my god it rly hurts :(((


tasting cum for the first time like

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If I consider you a close friend chances are I’m gonna be at least a little gay with you

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